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U.S. Congressman David Schweikert
This Week's Recap 

Hello Friends, 

As the House of Representatives wrapped up the last week of session for July we spent the time voting on very important bills and discussing legislative ideas for the remainder of this Congress. This week votes included bills to help modernize and improve access for individuals to HSAs and to help lower premiums.
This week I also introduced Valley Fever legislation that will create a breakthrough for research on this orphan disease. This legislation will revolutionize how hospitals collect clinical data, while also protecting patient privacy. 
This summer session has presented a hard-working and successful work period. I am thankful for all of the constituents that have come to visit Washington, D.C. and I very much look forward to seeing Arizona's 6th district constituents as we head into August. 

Picture from a U.S. Capitol tour I joined with constituents. 

Legislative Updates

Valley Fever-Blockchain Legislation

This week my colleagues Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Martha McSally, and I introduced legislation to help fight the endemic Valley Fever infection.

Arizona has been home to 68.3% of Valley Fever cases over the last ten years. Although Valley Fever is endemic across the southwest U.S., in 2016, 6,101 cases of Valley Fever were detected in Arizona. This legislation represents a breakthrough for researchers of Valley Fever. It will support the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and hospitals that deal with Valley Fever cases by building a database for research to be shared, and to help increase awareness and knowledge of the infection.Our design for collecting critical clinical data, while protecting patient's privacy through use of blockchain, should become the future for medical research. By creating a multiparty encrypted computing system, researchers will be able to have access to answers for medical queries.
I am very excited for this bipartisan legislation to be introduced in the House to inform my brothers and sisters of the fight to end Valley Fever. 

On the House Floor

This week I spoke on the House Floor to support Tribal Social Security.

You can watch and listen to the whole speech at schweikert.house.gov.  

Listening & Learning

 As a co-chair of the Blochchain Caucus, I always try to attend events related to technology that help move the conversation forward. This week I met with two groups, CompTIA and Digital Dialogue, where our conversation continued to show the disruption that has been made from a technology revolution. 

Attending a CompTIA breifing with a panel of blockchain experts. 

Digitial Dialogue round table discussion on the ways we can advance legislation with adding technology. 

McCarthy and Schweikert Introduce Historic Valley Fever Legislation


House Bill to Repeal the Medical Device Tax Passes with Strong Bi-Partisan Support


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