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U.S. Congressman David Schweikert
Week in Review
Today, it was reported the U.S. economy grew at a 3.5% pace in the third quarter, which was much faster then the expected rate. Last week we saw the U.S. was announced as the world's most competitive economy. This news continues to show the progress this country is making and these numbers show it is only up from here!

On Wednesday, the President signed historic legislation to combat the opioid crisis in our country. This comprehensive legislative package includes nearly 60 individual pieces of legislation, which will all provide more resources to fight the ongoing epidemic, and to help treat opioid addictions. 

Our contribution to the package of 60 bills is H.R. 4841 the Standardizing Electronic Prior Authorization for Safe Prescribing Act of 2018. This will establish an electronic standard for prior authorizations in Medicare. The legislation will help move pharmacies and doctors away from faxing the prior authorization forms and encourage them to communicate in real time through electronic means.

The bill consists of two main ideas: to prevent the delays caused by the current system of non-electronic/real time prior authorization requests so that Medicare patients receive prescriptions as soon as possible, and by making the process electronic, there will be an improved oversight in the system to ensure patients are only receiving approved medications. 

National Prescription Drug Drop Off Day

On Saturday, October 27th the DEA will be hosting a 'Prescription Drug Drop Off Day' at thousands of locations across the country. This day is used to ask Americans to safely dispose of unused medications. At the last National Take Back Day, the DEA collected 900,000 pounds of prescription drugs. 

Locations include local police stations, retail pharmacies, and communities. To find a location near you in AZ-06, visit TakeBackDay.DEA.Gov. 

Visiting with Ciox Health

My team and I had the opportunity to visit Ciox Health this week to discuss the work they are doing to ensure veterans’ health records are shared securely and timely across the VA health system. Stakeholders in the public- and private-sector, including Ciox, have worked hard over the last decade to improve the framework for sharing and managing healthcare information. However, there are still roadblocks that prevent patient records from being transmitted easily without compromising patient privacy and safety, and without incurring tremendous costs to the healthcare system.

As a member of the bi-partisan Healthcare Innovation Caucus, I will continue to advocate for innovations ito improve care for patients. Learn more about the Healthcare Innovation Caucus here: https://kelly.house.gov/press-release/house-leaders-launch-bipartisan-health-care-innovation-caucus.


Speaking to AZ Real Estate Brokers 

 Thank you to the Phoenix Chapter of Institute and Real Estate Management (IREM) for inviting me to come speak to a group of brokers about Tax Reform and real estate in Arizona. The discussion involved how the recent tax cuts passed in the House will benefit Arizonans, how it will reduce the loopholes in the previous tax code, and how it has strengthened our economy over the last 9 months. 
 Smart City Breakfast Panel
Thank you to Valley Partnership for inviting me to moderate a panel discussing Smart Cities in Scottsdale. We discussed how technology will play a role in Arizona's infrastructure, the regulatory landscape, and what role the federal government plays in assisting states in modernizing their state infrastructure. 
Legislative Update

Recently the Ways and Means Committee launched an investigation into the rising death rates among mothers during and after childbirth. 

Data from the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health has shown that there has been an increase in maternal mortality post-childbirth in the last 30 years. The committee is taking action to determine why maternal mortality is now on the rise and is inquiring on how federal agencies, states, and hospitals can help to address this issue. 

Across the country, maternal mortality review committees have found that 63 percent of pregnancy-related deaths could have been prevented. Many causes include dangerously high blood pressure or significant blood loss. Both of these causes can be monitored and mitigated. 

If you would like to learn more about this issue, click here for an interesting read. 
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