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U.S. Congressman David Schweikert
House Floor Speech


I went onto the House floor this Friday to discuss the benefits of Tax Reform 2.0. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have already shown positive math, including more jobs then workers available. There will be continued success with the edits made to ensure the tax cuts will benefit small business and middle-class families. 

To watch my speech follow this link

Open House

This week in Washington, D.C. I have had the chance to meet with constituent groups attending my weekly Open House.

I had the chance to discuss issues including  the innovative role of home care, and the importance of disease education and research. 

I also spoke with groups about infrastructure, updates on transportation, and waters in the United States. Along with how trade issues in Arizona affect produce farmers. 

 Pinnacle High School Visit

A great visit to Pinnacle High School this week. As the senior AP Government students begin their new chapter on Congress and the Constitution, I came in to discuss the general workings of Congress and the importance of constituent services the House of Representatives can provide. These students impressed me with their knowledge and interest in staying informed. Thank you, Pinnacle, for having me join you!

A photo with Mr. Mike Vargas who was awarded the 2017 Ambassador for Excellence Award. Mr. Vargas is a physics teacher at Pinnacle High school, it was a pleasure to get the chance to meet him.

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H.R. 6 The Support for Patients and Communities Act

This bi-partisan, bicameral piece of legislation represents the commitment of Congress and all stakeholders to support individuals and communities across the United States that have been affected by this destructive and sweeping epidemic.

This bill combats the illicit and synthetic drugs crossing our border, improves prescription drug monitoring programs, and removes outdated systems that create barriers to care. 

I am pleased to know that legislation I sponsored, H.R. 4841, was included in the final bill. This bill ensures patient receive their medically necessary medications without delay and prevents individuals from receiving inappropriate prescription opioids. 

In Arizona there have been 1,763 suspected opioid deaths and 11,548 suspected overdoses in the past year. 

Follow this link to the Arizona Department of Health's website to see more about how the opioid crisis affects Arizonans. 

Tax Reform 2.0 Package

This legislation will lock in the tax-cuts for middle-class families and small businesses across America. 

Each of the bills included in this package will help to ensure the economic success that has already been shown in the past 9 months of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Our economy will continue to break expectations that have already been seen.


It was great to host a constituent group for a night time tour of the U.S. Capitol. After hours, when all of the chaos has settled, is my favorite time to explore the historic halls of the U.S. Capitol.

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